Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick Swatches and Review


Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are a few of the trendiest things that have been raved about for quite while now. Here I have swatched and reviewed a five of the most popular shades. So lets get into it.


I’m sure everyone by now knows what liquid lipsticks are and what they do, but for everyone who is new to the concept, liquid lipsticks have the same application like gloss but they are very pigmented and after 1-2 minutes they set to a complete matte. I personally love the concept sometimes people are worried if these lipsticks would dry your lips, which depends on the brand. I do recommend moisturising your lips before using the liquid lipsticks.

Coming to the actual swatches, I have swatched 5 of these for you in the shades. Starting from the bottom left corner.

  1. Double Dare
  2. Mother
  3. Nosferatu
  4. Lolita
  5. Lolita 2

I have used these lipsticks to give you a good review of the formulae and the colour and if it is long-lasting. I DO NOT LIKE TO TALK ABOUT PRODUCTS I DON’T PERSONALLY LIKE.

Now the formula of the lipstick what i felt was a bit watery which was a concern to me at first thinking it wouldn’t be opaque enough. To my surprise its extremely opaque gives you a beautiful colour and its crazy long wearing. It does not move from the lips. Gorgeous product. Nothing bad to say about it except I wish I could have the berry toned shades.


Please like & comment if cleansing oils have worked well for you and which brand & shade of liquid lipsticks do you enjoy, I’d really love to know.

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Cleansing Oils YAY or NAY?

The market is flooding with cleansing oils offering all kinds of cleansing oils calming, soothing, restoring, resurfacing but do they really work or are they just an expensive addition to your night time routine?

Lets clear the FAQs first

What is a cleansing oil? How does it work?

Cleansing oil is an OIL (DUHHH!!), yes but it is also made to cleanse in a way that it does not feel like the oil in your kitchen or where ever you keep oils other then your kitchen. 😛

Cleansing oils are designed to melt of all the make up and debris on your face additionally protecting your skin as it does not strip off the natural skin barrier and natural oils of the skin as a traditional cleanser would do.

How do you use it?

Take a few pumps on your hand and gently apply it all over your dry face, allow a minute or two for the oil to break down all your make up and debris. Massage it on your face. Now adding water on your palms keep massaging. You will notice the oil has now started foaming up or changing colour after which completely rinse the face with plain water.

The first time I came across a cleansing oil was in my beauty therapy days when we used Dermalogica’s Pre Cleanse on our clients. I was a little hesistant on trying oils on faces specially when I used to suffer from oily skin and cystic acne. After which I got a few samples of Shu Uemura’s cleansing oils (they have a wide range of these oils). I started researching more about them and tried them out for myself. I have tried many, so far I have loved some and not loved some.


Yes they do and no matter if you have an oily or a dry skin, cleansing oils just balance your natural skin oils while completely melting of the dirt and debris from the skin. Oils have always been a great way of removing make up and now we have something that is oil but as soon as it is mixed with water it becomes foamy to give you the feel of a cleanser. Two jobs in one (I know the phrase that goes with it but I just hate to use it)

Honestly, not every brand’s cleansing oil is the same, but I’m here to talk to you about the good ones that really feel nice and remove all of my make up and make my skin feeling soft and completely clean. Here’s a list from my most favourite to my least favourite, these are my top favs so far.

  1. Shu Uemura High Performance Cleansing Oil A$42zoom_variation_NA_view_01_990x1290
  2. Clinique take the day off cleansing oil A$45Clinique_Take_The_Day_Off_Cleansing_Oil_200ml_1419001951
  3. Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil A$22 (much cheaper than the other oils but works equally well.)97950m_l

Please like & comment if cleansing oils have worked well for you and which brand cleansing oil do you really enjoy using, I’d really love to know.

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5 Reasons you have Dry & frizzy hair and what you can do about it.


We all have the days when we look at our hair and think suddenly they have become so dry and frizzy, here’s 5 reasons and solutions to all frizzy hair problems.


  1. POLLUTION – This might be the most ignored reason but pollution is one of the reasons why health of your hair is not at its best. Pollution makes large amounts of toxic chemicals slowly affect the health of your skin and hair by destroying free radicals. iStock_000035743306_Small-2
  2. TOO MANY TREATMENTS – We all getting our hair coloured and our hair straightened or curled. It is all great until you do too much of it or not seek professional help for such treatments. Hair Dressers these days are very well trained to help you achieve beautiful looking hair without the overuse of harmful chemicals. Always seek professional advice.hairtreat2.gif
  3. STRAIGHTENERS – We love our straighteners and curling wands to get the best looking hair at any given time yet it all has its cons. The heat in the straightening irons and the curling wands are drying up your hair. Use a heat protectant product before the use of irons to protect your hair whilst providing a protective barrier.damaged_hair.jpg
  4. OVER WASHING – Washing your hair too many times strips the hair’s natural oils. Natural oils and humectants in the hair protect them and make them look luscious washing your hair constantly will strip these oils leave you with dry brittle and frizzy hair. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week and use some conditioning treatments like masks to help your hair regain moisture.washing-hair2.jpg
  5. HOT SHOWERS: The heat from the hot water makes your hair dry by stripping the moisture. Use warm water to cool water while you hair.

Additionally weekly oiling and hair Spas help your strengthen your hair and increase blood circulation to your scalp. They will also regain the lost moisture in your hair to provide with healthy looking hair.

Please comment what treatments or routines do you like to do to maintain the health of your hair.

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Day Glam Make-Up Tutorial



Hi everyone welcome to my blog. Today I’m doing a make up tutorial for you all. I wanted to do something that has sheen without it looking too glittery on the eyes. I have written down and listed all the products I used to achieve this look. Alright so lets get into it.


I started with applying a moisturiser all over my face. Then I primed my eyes using the MAC Pro long wear Concealer in the shade NC 42 with a damp beauty blender. I used the same beauty blender to powder all around the under eye and the eye lids to set the concealer in place. This will also help my eyeshadows to blend easily without caking or looking patchy.


I then used the eyeshadows from the Smashbox full exposure palette for transition and the crease. I used this you can use anything you have in your collections the colours are just the dark and a light brown on top of each other to add depth to the eye area

I used the Maybelline colour tattoo in the shade barely branded in the inner corner and the centre of the lid and gently blended it outward

I buffed in a bit of black eyeshadow from the same Smashbox full exposure palette in the outer corners of the eyes pulling the it outwards to lift the eyes.

I then went in with a MAC Fix plus on my brush and L’OREAL Infallible eyeshadow in the colour Hourglass Beige to intensify the colour on the lids.


I had a emotional breakdown as my favourite eyeliner quit working half way in so I went in with Inglot gel liner to finish the look. I filled my brows in using Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette and L’OREAL brow plumper (any brow gel would do). I used the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold volume lifting Mascara.



I completed the rest of my face using MAC Studio sculpt foundation in NC 40. Added a bit of contour using the MAC bronzing powder in matte bronze and for the lips i used Double Dare liquid lipstick by KAT VON D.


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8 Drugstore Products that every makeup lover should own

Here are 8 drugstore products that every make up lover should own. We are often looking for good products that don’t burn a hole in your wallet. Here are 8 such great quality yet, affordable products that deserve a place in your makeup drawer. Professional celebrity artist use many of these products on celebrities. In my opinion Drugstore brands have really started pushing their product quality game to new limits.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: These gorgeous long lasting lip products feel like a buttery mousse on the lips. They are long lasting, available in many beautiful colours. It is very different lip product to a lipstick or a gloss. I’d call it a liquid lipstick that does not dry your lips and keeping it feeling and looking voluptuous.



MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Mascara: Extremely dark to spread open your lashes. It can take any make up to another level without the use of false lashes. This voluminous mascara opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake.


L’OREAL True Match Foundation: Super blendable and great for all skin types. One of the only drugstore foundations that don’t clog your pores and it mimics your skin colour. This foundation offers a medium to full coverage and makes your skin look healthier.


L’OREAL Magic Lumi Light Reflecting Primer: Everyone craving for that luminous glow, look no more this beautiful primer has a light consistency with a pearly glaze to it when applied to the skin it looks like the skin is glowing from within.


MAYBELLINE Fit Me Concealer: One of the all time favourites of many bloggers and vloggers around the globe. This concealer is creamy in texture so it wont dry your skin and does not crease in fine lines under your eyes. A definite must have for concealing those dark circles under the eyes.


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour Cream Gel: these are cream based products that are waterproof and extremely versatile. Can be used in many different ways as an over all eye colour, to prep your eyes for eyeshadow or can be used as a highlighter.


Loreal Color Infallible 6

L’OREAL La Couleur Infalliable Eyeshadows – These are eyeshadows have the best kind of pigment and shimmer. They are the ultimate drugstore pigments make your eyelids pop like nobody’s business.


NYX Blush: Extremely pigmented and a has a very consistent soft texture. You can find a wide range of colours in these blushes and not forgetting that these gorgeous beauties cost less than A$10.

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5 Step Skin Care Regimen Everyone Needs

For a better health of the skin it is important to have a good skin regimen and here I have listed 5 main steps in the skin care that suit every skin type, every age, unless you are an infant. Keep reading to know more about what changes you need to make in your skin care regimen.


Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing the first and very most important step of a beauty regimen. Cleansing removes dirt and debris from the skin. Cleansing kills the bacteria on the skin that breed on the cellular debris and excess oil production in the follicles resulting in acne. A good cleanser will maintain the pH of the skin, Kill bacteria and cleanse of all the debris and excess oil production without stripping the skin’s natural oils. Excessively drying cleansers strip the skin’s natural oils more than necessary and these oils when in the right amount protect the skin from harmful external environment.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliation is important to remove the dead skin cells that sit on top of the skin and make it look dull and grey, as the skin cells may not shed as effectively on its own. Exfoliation of the top layers of dead skin cells send messages to the lower layers to produce more healthy skin cells. Exfoliation can be performed from daily to thrice a week depending on the strength and coarseness of the product. Exfoliation in your regimen will make the skin look more plump and healthy, giving a natural glow.

Step 3: Serum

Serum: Basically these are the concentrated forms of a particular ingredient or a combination, unlike the very less percentage in a moisturiser. Serums are the liquid elixir that our skin requires. Serums come in many different forms for different skin types and conditions. Serums are the treating factor in the skin care regimen. With all different types of serums available on the market such as vitamins, AHAs, natural ingredients choose the ones with a good percentage of active ingredient and your skin will thank you for it.

Step 4: Moisturise

Moisturise: Dry or Oily, Old or young, moisturisers are the thirst relievers of the skin. If you have an oily skin it does not mean your skin doesn’t require moisturisers, Oily skin can still be dehydrated. Always moisturise the skin. Good moisturisers for Oily skin type have more water content in them hence water based moisturisers. Dry skin types lack oil hence the most suitable option is an oil based moisturiser. A well moisturised skin always appears healthy and radiant

Step 5: Sunscreen

Sunscreens provide the skin with protection against the sun & heat. Sun damage is the biggest factor in ageing. Protection from the sun is necessary no matter what skin type it is. Sun also increases the melanin production of the skin hence tanning the skin and an increase if the skin suffers from freckles, melanoma or other hyper-pigmentation problems.

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MAC Techniques Class Review

Mac Techniques Class can be a very known workshop for everyone interested in beauty and make-up. Yet about 2 weeks ago I attended my first MAC Techniques class. I’m very interested in attending workshops and classes that can update my knowledge about makeup.

The class I attended was in the Mac store in Myer, Perth City.



It was a 2 hour class which cost me A$120 (May be different in different countries). The cost of the class can be redeemed by buying products of the same amount.

The first hour in the class was demonstrations in which two senior artists taught and showed different tips and techniques of applications on two models (one each). The next hour is dedicated to one on one interaction between MAC artists and you to talk about your concerns, or product related questions etc. After which they can redeem your class cost with the products you purchase.


Products I bought from the mac store. These products include the cost that got added on to the initial redemption as I ended up buying a little more.


  1. All Fired Up A$36
  2. Flat out fabulous A$36

MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NC 40 A$49

Mac Prolongwear Concealer in NC42 A$32

Mac Mineralised Skin Finish Natural in Medium Tan A$49

Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter in Apricot A$42

Mac Brush Cleanser A$20



Overall It was a fun experience I would suggest it to anyone who wants to go for a update meeting on mac products and wants to buy products at the same time. I will not suggest this to you if you are looking for a first time make up class. Because this isn’t a proper makeup institute or academy class. However MAC does offer you a one on one session class if you’re just looking for something on yourself and not as a make up artist. Also, I wish there were more looks that could be shown other then that, it was a wonderful experience.

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Please see my previous Blog post on Morphe 350S Eyeshadow palette.

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