5 Reasons you have Dry & frizzy hair and what you can do about it.


We all have the days when we look at our hair and think suddenly they have become so dry and frizzy, here’s 5 reasons and solutions to all frizzy hair problems.


  1. POLLUTION – This might be the most ignored reason but pollution is one of the reasons why health of your hair is not at its best. Pollution makes large amounts of toxic chemicals slowly affect the health of your skin and hair by destroying free radicals. iStock_000035743306_Small-2
  2. TOO MANY TREATMENTS – We all getting our hair coloured and our hair straightened or curled. It is all great until you do too much of it or not seek professional help for such treatments. Hair Dressers these days are very well trained to help you achieve beautiful looking hair without the overuse of harmful chemicals. Always seek professional advice.hairtreat2.gif
  3. STRAIGHTENERS – We love our straighteners and curling wands to get the best looking hair at any given time yet it all has its cons. The heat in the straightening irons and the curling wands are drying up your hair. Use a heat protectant product before the use of irons to protect your hair whilst providing a protective barrier.damaged_hair.jpg
  4. OVER WASHING – Washing your hair too many times strips the hair’s natural oils. Natural oils and humectants in the hair protect them and make them look luscious washing your hair constantly will strip these oils leave you with dry brittle and frizzy hair. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week and use some conditioning treatments like masks to help your hair regain moisture.washing-hair2.jpg
  5. HOT SHOWERS: The heat from the hot water makes your hair dry by stripping the moisture. Use warm water to cool water while you hair.

Additionally weekly oiling and hair Spas help your strengthen your hair and increase blood circulation to your scalp. They will also regain the lost moisture in your hair to provide with healthy looking hair.

Please comment what treatments or routines do you like to do to maintain the health of your hair.

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  1. This is really useful! I’ve literally just done a blog post on hair too, take a look – lovefrombellablog.wordpress.com – Bella x

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