Top 5 Favourite Skin Care Essentials


We all have the skin care essentials we run to once we know our skin needs some help. I have listed down five of my skin care essentials that I need all the time.

  1. JOSIE MARAN: 100% Pure Argan Oil IMG_1914_FotorA bottle filled with 100% Pure Argan Oil. The thing about beauty oils becoming a trend is that its obviously the best for moisturising and it has the benefits of naturally derived sources. Argan oil by Josie Maran is one of the best argan oils in the market because of their process of deriving the oils by hand rather than using heat that would destroy the benefits in the oil. Even after being an oil it does not feel sticky or thick on the skin, It seeps into the skin and is readily absorbed into the skin. The best part about the argan oil is that you can start seeing and feeling improvement in your skin after a few days of use.
  1. Aspect: Multi B Plus Serum IMG_1912_Fotor

My doctor suggested me to start trying the Aspect Multi B Plus which is the Vitamin B serum for strengthening and nourishing my skin. With the past few years I have taking Oral vitamin A which did help a lot with my acne but did sensitise my skin to the sun and other cosmetics. Using the Vitamin B serum I felt instant strengthening of my skin, my skin isn’t as sensitive and it feels great.

  1. CLINIQUE: Anti-Blemish Solution Clarifying LotionIMG_1911_Fotor

I found this gem in my samples after shopping at clinique once and thought to give it a try. The solution is amazing for textured or problematic skin. I love the exfoliating pads and this has the same effect and is cheaper compared to exfoliating pads. I use it with a cotton pad everyday and night (if I don’t get lazy) and just allows other products to penetrate better and eaves my skin feeling baby soft.

  1. ASPECT: Active C Serum IMG_1913_Fotor

Vitamin C Serum : Aspect Active C serum. Vitamin C overall is important part of skin care that is sometimes neglected. Vitamin C is filled with anti-oxidants that balance the skin’s free radicle damage. now not going too deep into scientific words free radicle damage is when atoms of the skin are un-stabalized as they lose there electrons to another atom and this leads them to steal an electron from another atom which leads into a domino effect. Practically this happens due to ageing, pollution, stress, hormones and all other things that depreciate the structure of the skin. Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C have extra electrons that they give to the unstable atoms which makes it very beneficial for the skin, making it look healthier, plumper. Vitamin C also helps with the production of collagen and helps reduce damage of harmful UV rays.

  1. ORIGINS: Drink Up Intensive Overnight MaskIMG_1910_Fotor

Origin Drink Up Intensive overnight mask: For all the times you wish you could go to sleep using something and the next morning your skin feels hydrated and smoothe, this is the best best solution after your night time regimen. This mask has helped me in making my skin look hydrated, fresh and glowing. I have also noticed that my Make up looks so much better when I use this mask the night before as it hydrates the skin so the make up doesn’t sit on top and start flaking or looking cakey. Love this mask.

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