Acne? 3 Main Reasons you’re having acne

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Acne is a very common yet very misunderstood skin condition among the age group of 15 to 35. People misunderstand that acne is caused by not eating right or by not having the correct lifestyle but that is not always the case with acne. There are a few main reasons why acne occurs.

First, being oily greasy skin. When oil is produced from inside the skin by the sebaceous glands, the molecules work their way up to the surface of the skin. These molecules are particularly very large in nature which end up making the pores larger. In these pores and the hair follicle sits the sebum (oil) attracting dirt and bacteria. The conditions inside the follicles are very good for bacteria to breed upon. p-acne bacteria is the type of bacteria that causes the inflammation and the skin to break out into acne.

Secondly, excessive keratinisation of the epidermis which in lay man terms means that the skin is excessively producing cells which leads to a build up of cells and block pores and allow inflammation.

Third and very important, hormones. When there is an increase in testosterone and yes both males and females have testosterone, there is an increase in oil production which goes back to the first point on why we have acne. Another reason is that testosterone leads to the body breaking out into cystic acne which is another type of acne altogether compared to the ones produced from just excess oil production and these are mainly grade 3 & 4 acne.

Want to know the solutions to these causes of acne, wait up for my next blog that covers all the best ways to prevent and cure acne and if you have an acne story to share please comment below and I will share mine in the next blog.

Acne is nothing to be scared of and no person on earth has perfect skin so lets not feel low about having a few zits here and there its perfectly normal.

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