Top 5 Favourite Perfumes

Revealing my top favourite perfumes, I usually love floral or sweet scents. I love fragrances that are fresh and awakening. I’m not a fragrance expert but these are my go to scents on a daily basis.

  1. Estee Lauder – Sensuous
    This scent is a very recent addition to my collection its such an amazing perfume. everytime I wear this I always get compliments on this. I’ve been loving it.


Estee Lauder – Modern Muse

This was my Favourite perfume for almost 2 straight years till sensuous came my way. I still love it, its smells so fresh!


  1. Victoria Secret Р Scandalous РI love wearing it anytime day or night although its a little stronger which is why I love wearing it mostly in the night time.



  1. This Fragrance mist from Bath & Body works is one of my favourite on the days I’m at home or I just have errands to run it keeps me fresh. Its also very inexpensive so I love bathing myself in it.


  1. Zara – Man Silver

I know it’s a men’s perfume but I still love it on my man. I think sometimes we should take our significant other’s choice of scents in consideration and I really love this one!


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