About me

I’m Deepesha Patil, a Professional Dermal Aesthetician, Make-Up Artist and Hair dresser, born in Mumbai, India. I love life, everything inspires me and I’m always motivated to do new things. I love travelling and learning from different places on the globe. I have travelled to many places including Hong Kong, London, Cape Town, Sydney, Perth. I also have my own skin clinic in India and I love my job more than anything.

My Story:

I discovered my passion at the age of 16 when I completed my year 12. Like any other young girl or boy at the age of 15-16 you have to start deciding on what you want to do in life. I never really knew what I wanted and even though getting into Make-Up and Hairdressing was so much in my interest for long time I fought it as in india we are taught to go to a university after year 12. Also looking at my friends getting into universities to further holding a bachelors degree, gave me a sense of insecurity. Thats when I was already 2 years into the beauty industry and I decided to go to Sydney, Australia for my CIDESCO Qualification in Beauty therapy. I thought getting away from home will be a way to see for myself what I’m most interested in.

In the 2 years that I lived in Australia I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I was fighting myself and no one else for being in the beauty industry as I was comparing myself and my friends who went to universities. I learnt that my passion and my interests are not where a college education would take me. I realised what I was interested in has other formal qualifications. That’s when I realised that it was ok to be different, it was completely ok to follow your dreams and thats when I decided to follow my heart and where it leads me.

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