Know your Sunscreen Series Part 2

Hi Everyone after my first blog post on sunscreens here I’m continuing the topic of sunscreens, If you haven’t read my previous blog stop right here and click the link below.


Now that you have read and understood how were sunscreens made and to read what the SPF numbers stand for, Lets take it further on by knowing what the values of PA +++++ OR Boot Star Rating ***** mean on your Sunscreen tubes.

The UVB protection rating which signifies the percentage of protection the sunscreen gives from the UVB rays is widely known in two types of ratings in this concept the European rating which is the Boot Star ***** symbolised & the Japanese rating which is the PA+++++ Rating. Each of these Stars * or Plus + Symbols mean 20% protection from UVB, so if there are 5 Stars there is a whole 100% protection from UVB.

Now that we have this part of the concept cleared. It’s time to discuss my favourite Sunscreens available in the market today.

  1. Cheryl’s DermaShade SPF 30+
    Boot Star Rating of 5 Stars
    DermaShade comes in 2 different packagings 30+ for Normal to Oily Skin & the 50+ for Dry Skin type.

cheryl-s-dermashade-spf-30-spray-50-g_1_display_1487165197_6597070a8581e569-5e4d-4cb4-b91c-146d2dd6d46d2. Kaya Skin Clinic Daily Moisturising Sunscreen Spf 30+
Boot Star Rating of 5 Stars


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All you need to know about chemical peels 2 (Specialised Ingredients)

This blog is a continuation of my previous blog on chemical peels, if you haven’t read it yet please click the link All you need to know about chemical peels (AHAs & BHA).

In my previous blog I spoke about the AHA and BHA peels, now lets talk about some specialised peels that are more advanced. Basically this blog will focus on Kojic Acid Peels, Jessner and TCA peels.

Specialised peels are either made with one typical solution or a combination of different peels. Jessners peel for example is a combination of 14% Resorsinol, 14% Lactic Acid, and 14% Salicylic Acid.

As seen in my previous blog lactic acid is an AHA, great for hydration, and is derived from sour milk, where as Salicylic Acid is a BHA that is made from willow bark extracts and has a key role in clearing black and white heads and purifying the skin of clogged pores. Resorsinol on the other hand is a benzenediol which helps in the treatment by fighting any infection. Only important caution with Jessners peel is to work only on a small area at a time as it is cardiotoxic.

TCA peels aka Trichloroacetic acid, it is also from the BHA group and is an excellent peel in the treatment of sun damaged skin or mature aged skin.

Kojic Acid is an ingredient that comes across many times in whitening products. Here Kojic Acid peels help in whitening and also treating Hyper pigmentation, Melasma etc. There are many creams that have kojic acid as a part of the ingredients for whitening and an overall even tone.

Many times peels work best when they are used from 3 – 6 sittings, once every 3 to 4 weeks. Sometimes it the period in between maybe shorter or longer depending on the strength of the peel and the skin’s ability to take it.

Please let me know if this information helps you and if you have any questions regarding your skin care please feel free to leave a comment below.

Please let me know if there is a peel that you absolutely love, I would love to know.

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