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Smokey Ocean Blue Eye makeup look

Hey Beauty Lovers, I’m here with another eye-makeup look that is much different to what we usually wear. It is night time appropriate, it looks gorgeous and compliments dark eyes. I love how the colours just add a pop and bring out the eyes.


Step 1 – To achieve this look I started by prepping my eyes with MAC prolongwear concealer in NC42 all over my lid and set that with translucent powder.

Step 2 – I used a mixture of Make up Geek peach smoothie (3) and Creme brûlée (4) on the transition are of my eyes and on the lower lash.

Step 3 – I applied Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear (7) in the inner corner and the outer corner of my eye and blend it through in the crease and on the lower lash.

Step 4 – I used Makeup Geek Americano (8) in the same area as cocoa bear (7) to intensify it.

Step 5 – I used Makeup Geek Houdini (16) with a flat synthetic brush in the middle of the lid and blend it outwards. (Tip – You can use your ring finger for this step it would work just as great if not better)

Step 6 – I used my Urban Decay Vice 4 palette’s colour grasshopper (first swatch on the picture below) dabbing it with my finger on the ball to bring more light and dual toned effect. (Tip – You can use any lighter green with shimmer for this I used the Vice 4 palette as it was accessible)

sTEP 5 – I tight lined my eyes with Ardency Inn Liner and Used a liquid liner for the wing. I only started lining from half of my lid as I have small eyes and I really wanted to show the gorgeous colour.

Step 10 – Last I used Loreal Butterfly Mascara.

Step 11 – I applied Makeup Geek Rapunzel (2) on the inner corner to brighten up the whole look.




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Morphe 350S (Shimmer) Palette Swatches



Everyone has been raving about the Morphe 350 eyeshadows after which morphe cosmetics came up with two palettes identical to the original one yet quite different as these two palettes (350M & 350S) are opposites in nature yet from the same family. The 350M contains all matte shades and the 350S has all shimmer. The palettes individually retail at US $22 and together at US $44.

Swatch and review of the first two rows –


The first two rows are the lighter shades and the most popping colours best for highlighting the lid and the brow bone.

Swatch and review of the middle row –


The middle row to my eye looks like a mixture of the darks, lights, reds, maroons. Its more like a showcase of bits of the palettes. It has gorgeous colours and my personal favourite is the fourth colour in the row. It has the perfect amount of glitter and sheen and it will add warmth to the eyes.

Swatch and review of the Last two rows –


The last two rows are mostly cool tones except for the two at the end. I love all of these colours, extremely gorgeous, very pigmented.

The complete palette swatches

Morphe Swatches with name_Fotor

Overall the palette as you can see has highly pigmented eyeshadows. These are just one sweep across with my finger and thats the pigment payoff. I have captured these in natural light as it would help you to see the true colours of the eyeshadows.

As mentioned in my previous post these pigments do have a bit of fall out. While cleansing these eyeshadows, I have noticed its very easy with a wet wipe or a cotton pad and a remover (if you prefer so), you don’t have to rub too much a soft glide takes off all the pigment without leaving any sparkles on your eyelids, which unfortunately does happen with many shimmer shadows.

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Morphe 350S palette –

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Morphe 350 Shimmer Palette Review

Recently I ordered the Morphe 350S palette from and I received the order earlier than I expected. The confirmation email said it will take anywhere between 1-3 months as it was an international delivery however, fortunately I received it in less than 2 weeks.



The palette is a plastic case that comes with 35 eyeshadows retailing for US $22. The palette contains a very good balance between warm and cool toned shimmer eye shadows. The matte palette (350M) is also sold on the Morphe website individually and both the palettes are on sale together retailing at US $44.

Pigment: The eye shadows are extremely pigmented but unfortunately it does have a bit of fall out. Eyeshadows when extremely pigmented do tend to get a bit of fall out. The shadows in this palette slide easily leaving a good amount of pigment without being chalky.


I personally love the bronzy reds and most of these shadows will be the perfect colors for the center and highlighting the lid for any skin tone.


Tip of the day: If you’re looking for a super foiled appearance from the eyeshadows, then add a bit of MAC cosmetics fix plus spray to seal the shadows in place and give an intense effect.

Swatches and more detailed review.

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