GlamGlow Flash Mud Brightening Treatment Review

This is a full review of the GlamGlow Flashmud Brightening Treatment with a demo on how to use it and who all can and cannot use it. If you found this video helpful do click the thumbs up button down below. If you want any other reviews let me know in the comment section... Continue Reading →

Know your Sunscreen Series Part 2

Hi Everyone after my first blog post on sunscreens here I'm continuing the topic of sunscreens, If you haven't read my previous blog stop right here and click the link below. KNOW YOUR SUNSCREENS BETTER!! Part 1 Now that you have read and understood how were sunscreens made and to read what the SPF numbers... Continue Reading →


Sunscreens have been in the market since the world was made, okay a bit of exaggeration there but sunscreens have been a boon to society since the early ages when greeks used olive oil as a sun protection. Egyptians used Rice & Jasmine Plant extracts. Synthetic Sunscreens today have also been quite in for a... Continue Reading →

Favourite Mask Combinations

Hey Everybody, I been so busy lately managing my businesses and I'm struggling to get things going but in the mean time, I have a rule that once or twice every week I have a small pamper session at home after work. It does'nt consist of a lot as I'm really tired when I get... Continue Reading →


HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! WELCOME TO MY BLOG! You already know I'm going to go on and on about my absolute favourite product. Those of you have acne prone skin know exactly the boon that comes from an effective spot treatment. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a lotion that is formulated with a lot of special... Continue Reading →

Cleansing Oils YAY or NAY?

The market is flooding with cleansing oils offering all kinds of cleansing oils calming, soothing, restoring, resurfacing but do they really work or are they just an expensive addition to your night time routine? Lets clear the FAQs first What is a cleansing oil? How does it work? Cleansing oil is an OIL (DUHHH!!), yes but... Continue Reading →

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