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How to Apply Foundation | Step by Step for Beginners



How to apply foundation for beginners with lots of tips & tricks for flawless skin.

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Products used –
Make up Forever Step 1 Smoothing Primer
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC 40
Morphe G6 Brush
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Med Dark
MAC Fix + Spray
Derma Colour P5 Powder
Nars Bronzer in Casino
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Diffused Light

Lipstick – Lolita – Kat Von D

Eyes – To check out the eye make up click the link below

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Gold Eye Make up Glitter Liner & Mauve Lips

A Festive Look in the Holiday Spirit! Gold Glitter Eyeliner.

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Products Used

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation – NC 40
MAC Prolongwear Concealer – NC 42
Derma Color P5
Nars Casino Bronzer
Nars Dolce Vita
MAC Fix + Spray

Benefit Ka Brow

Makeup Geek Frappe
Makeup Geek Creme Brulee
Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear
Makeup Geek Americano
Makeup Geek Mirage
Morphe 350S Palette
Revlon Eye Art
Ardell Lashes in Natural
Maybelline Mascara
Colorbar Liquid Eyeliner

MAC Soar
KAT VON D Lolita

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Deepesha Beauty

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Adele Inspired Make up Tutorial

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I really wanted to do a celeb inspired makeup look and I’m a huge fan of adele so I researched on make pictures for reference and did a make up that matched her style.

Products Used –

Face –
Benefit Porefessional Primer
MAC Studio fix fluid – NC 40
MAC Prolongwear concealer – NC 42
Derma Camouflage Powder – P5
Nars Bronzer Casino
Nars Blush Dolce Vita
Hourglass Ambient Lightening Powder in Luminous Light
MAC Fix + Spray
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer – Med Dark

Makeup Geek – Frappe
Makeup Geek – Coco bear
Makeup Geek – Rapunzel
Loreal SuperLiner Gel Eyeliner- Diamond
Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black Mascara

Brows – Anastasia Brow Wiz

MAC Lip Pencil – Soar
Loreal Lipstick 640

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While we love pampering our skin with cosmetics in the markets that are readily available we forget our roots. I have 4 very easy DIY skin care recipes for you guys please  try them out and let me know in the comments below how you liked them. I would also love to know if you have some recipes you want to share with the rest of the world.

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DIY Nourishing & Hydrating Face Mask

Mix half an Avocado & an egg, squash and apply to the face leave on 15 – 30 mins and rinse off, This recipe will work for anyone with dry or dehydrated skin.

DIY Moisturising Body Scrub

Mix sugar with Olive Oil and use it as a lip or full body scrub. The sugar acts as a manual scrub and the olive oil will nourish the skin. you can wash this off with plain water and your skin will feel softer and buttery smooth.
This recipe will work on any skin type accept for extremely sensitive skin.

DIY Brightening Mask

Take some Besan/Gram flour add a touch of turmeric, some lemon juice and Milk or Yogurt. The milk will nourish the skin and the Besan & Lemon juice will brighen the skin up and turmeric has healing properties and will leave the skin with a glow.

DIY Brightening MASK

This is so simple all you have to do is scoop out the pulp of a very juicy tomato and just apply to the Face and leave on for 30 – 45 mins. The citric acid in the tomato will brighten the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells which works beautifully for acne prone skin.

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Know your Sunscreen Series Part 2

Hi Everyone after my first blog post on sunscreens here I’m continuing the topic of sunscreens, If you haven’t read my previous blog stop right here and click the link below.


Now that you have read and understood how were sunscreens made and to read what the SPF numbers stand for, Lets take it further on by knowing what the values of PA +++++ OR Boot Star Rating ***** mean on your Sunscreen tubes.

The UVB protection rating which signifies the percentage of protection the sunscreen gives from the UVB rays is widely known in two types of ratings in this concept the European rating which is the Boot Star ***** symbolised & the Japanese rating which is the PA+++++ Rating. Each of these Stars * or Plus + Symbols mean 20% protection from UVB, so if there are 5 Stars there is a whole 100% protection from UVB.

Now that we have this part of the concept cleared. It’s time to discuss my favourite Sunscreens available in the market today.

  1. Cheryl’s DermaShade SPF 30+
    Boot Star Rating of 5 Stars
    DermaShade comes in 2 different packagings 30+ for Normal to Oily Skin & the 50+ for Dry Skin type.

cheryl-s-dermashade-spf-30-spray-50-g_1_display_1487165197_6597070a8581e569-5e4d-4cb4-b91c-146d2dd6d46d2. Kaya Skin Clinic Daily Moisturising Sunscreen Spf 30+
Boot Star Rating of 5 Stars


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Indo-Western Glam (Fashion Hair & Make up)

Top 5 Favourite Skin Care Essentials

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5 Step Skin Care Regimen Everyone Needs

For a better health of the skin it is important to have a good skin regimen and here I have listed 5 main steps in the skin care that suit every skin type, every age, unless you are an infant. Keep reading to know more about what changes you need to make in your skin care regimen.


Step 1: Cleanse

Cleansing the first and very most important step of a beauty regimen. Cleansing removes dirt and debris from the skin. Cleansing kills the bacteria on the skin that breed on the cellular debris and excess oil production in the follicles resulting in acne. A good cleanser will maintain the pH of the skin, Kill bacteria and cleanse of all the debris and excess oil production without stripping the skin’s natural oils. Excessively drying cleansers strip the skin’s natural oils more than necessary and these oils when in the right amount protect the skin from harmful external environment.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliation is important to remove the dead skin cells that sit on top of the skin and make it look dull and grey, as the skin cells may not shed as effectively on its own. Exfoliation of the top layers of dead skin cells send messages to the lower layers to produce more healthy skin cells. Exfoliation can be performed from daily to thrice a week depending on the strength and coarseness of the product. Exfoliation in your regimen will make the skin look more plump and healthy, giving a natural glow.

Step 3: Serum

Serum: Basically these are the concentrated forms of a particular ingredient or a combination, unlike the very less percentage in a moisturiser. Serums are the liquid elixir that our skin requires. Serums come in many different forms for different skin types and conditions. Serums are the treating factor in the skin care regimen. With all different types of serums available on the market such as vitamins, AHAs, natural ingredients choose the ones with a good percentage of active ingredient and your skin will thank you for it.

Step 4: Moisturise

Moisturise: Dry or Oily, Old or young, moisturisers are the thirst relievers of the skin. If you have an oily skin it does not mean your skin doesn’t require moisturisers, Oily skin can still be dehydrated. Always moisturise the skin. Good moisturisers for Oily skin type have more water content in them hence water based moisturisers. Dry skin types lack oil hence the most suitable option is an oil based moisturiser. A well moisturised skin always appears healthy and radiant

Step 5: Sunscreen

Sunscreens provide the skin with protection against the sun & heat. Sun damage is the biggest factor in ageing. Protection from the sun is necessary no matter what skin type it is. Sun also increases the melanin production of the skin hence tanning the skin and an increase if the skin suffers from freckles, melanoma or other hyper-pigmentation problems.

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